Sunday, February 12, 2012

Musical Compositions

 Like many other artists I often interrogate myself about how I'm spending my time, “What is art? Why am I making these things? What significance do they have?” and, “What does it mean to be an artist?” I've come up with various answers to each question through interview and creative process. Every answer has been more or less fulfilling, but no answer has thoroughly satisfied my craving for that last question, “What does it mean to be an artist?” Is it to study and imitate the fashion of the classics? Is it to be eccentric and quirky? Is it the be the next new hott creator? Is it to be an innovator that saves the world with one's own ideas? Is it to pass the time in an enjoying way? These answers all give explanations of various motivations to make art, but never got the the heart of my question, “What does it MEAN to be an artist?”.

 During my run in the woods (my weekly place for inspiration), I listened to music that I had composed the night before. Upon hearing my own music I almost fell down, spellbound. This is so beautiful. It is unlike anything I've ever heard, but like everything I've ever loved. I then grabbed my head with both hands and I knew that the creative organ that expressed itself through these sounds was my mind. Always the philosophizing devil's advocate that I am (even to myself), I asked, “Is this really my own, I would not have been able to make it without tools and my tools. Therefore, my music is the product of tools. If my music is the product of tools, my music would be different if I used different tools. If I had access to more expensive tools, my music could be better (or worse). If the quality of my art depends on the quality of tools that I can BUY, then art making can be bought to a certain extent, granting that the possessor of money also possesses a creative imagination.

 That damn devil's advocate inside my head had me a little down, but the endorphins of the run had me up; I found a more positive outlook. Of coarse, I used instruments to make sound, a mic to record and a computer program to edit. My music is something that exists in the physical realm, it is absolutely necessary to use something physical to create physical art. The tools I used were translators that gave me some idea of how beautiful my creative mind is. I left it at that and kept running (and walking). (parenthesis are for lazy writers).

Anyways, to translate our creative mind through physical materials is what it means to be an artist. There is not a person I've met that doesn't do this. Everyone I know is an artist in some way. Our creations are our mind! That is amazing!

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